The indoor air odors were due to dirty ductwork

You would probably guess that any unusual and unwelcome smell would be a thing of the past with a whole-new home air purification system; but still, there was an unpleasant aroma in the house! I tried using an air freshener, but that only made the aroma seem akin to an abandoned slaughterhouse.

I upgraded the air filter barely more than one month before the last upgradement, which also did not work… But the next day I also hired a cleaning team and then called the new home repair provider to come and check what was wrong with the air purification system; however, by the time the heating and air conditioning professional arrived, the cleaning crew had finished all of its work.

And they did not find anything that could have been the cause of the foul and nasty aroma; however, now I had a squeaky clean and disinfected apartment that still stunk. The smart heating and air conditioning has cost me a fortune, and I was disappointed that I was having problems with indoor air pollen levels. The residential heating and air conditioning specialist came, and I directed him toward the heating and air conditioning equipment, and that’s when she confirmed that all was well with the heating and air conditioning system. I was at wit’s end because everything seemed okay; she even confirmed that the whole air purification machine was in pristine condition. Before the cooling system expert packed up her tools, she had a random ‘light-bulb’ moment. She suggested that she conduct ventilation duct cleaning to ensure there was not anything in the ducts. To our shock and relief, the specialist discovered a dead rodent that was the cause of the foul aroma and stink. She removed the thing, ran the air purification equipment, and the air quality returned to its former clean glory. I was ecstatic to have our apartment because the past more than one day had been a total nightmare.

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