The Polar Bear dash

My volunteer fire department built a new firehousehold five years ago, complete with many garage bays, office space, plus a crucial party room; The original building was seasoned plus could no longer household the newer fire trucks plus gear, not to mention room for people, and we contracted with a builder who had a good reputation in the community and, although my good friend and I made conservative choices, my good friend and I ended up with a fabulous building.

The garage areas had plenty of room for the vehicles, plus the meeting rooms were nicely heated, ventilated plus cooled, one way that my good friend and I budgeted to pay for the building was to hold an annual fundraiser in December – called the Polar Bear 5K Run.

The event has been so successful that my good friend and I plan on continuing it indefinitely. The community rallies around the cause plus any age can participate by running or walking. With each runner paying twenty dollars, my good friend and I raise thousands of dollars each year, with 100% going towards the mortgage. Obviously, the name for the event is due to the fact that in our northern region, only polar bears should be outside, but after two hours, all participants plus their families gather inside for chili, tepid pets plus tepid cocoa. Before the new building was completed, my good friend and I froze inside plus could barely get warmed by the faulty outdated heat system. But now that my good friend and I have this great new facility, the rooms are nice plus warm. The heated air blows freely plus evenly throughout the non-garage areas of the building, plus once most people consumes the tepid food plus beverages, it’s a real polar bear extravaganza.

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