The smart HVAC was disabled

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the home was how frosty it was, which was unusual since we were in the middle of summer, I could already see the increase in the energy bill just from that unique incident, but the fan was running, but my nose detected a waft of something wrong, more likely rotten! Lee must have been playing with the rotten egg from the chicken coup I had asked him to discard, and after checking every room, it was clear that Lee had disabled the smart HVAC. The heating and A/C was running at maximum in all the rooms. The old air purification component was on the family room counter, and he had somehow managed to make it work. We had a whole-home air purification plan which I could tell from the intelligent thermostat that it was also running at maximum efficiency. I didn’t even want to imagine how long they had been running like that. Sometimes I wondered how life would be if Lee had a twin like her, and I shuddered at the thought. I switched the heating and A/Cunit back to intelligent mode. I left the air purification plan as it was since the indoor air quality was not good, then meanwhile, Lee was out playing with a worry in the world. I then checked the air filter, hoping he had not tampered with it in his quest to hide his misdeeds. Luckily that area was untouched, which was a relief. After an hour, the air purification help did its magic, and there was great air quality. I contemplated calling the home service company for an heating and A/C professional, however everything seemed fine, however part of me still wanted to call an heating and A/Cspecialist and say that I needed duct cleaning, while I was in reality, I wanted him to confirm that the plan was okay, but I decided to suppress the urge.


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