The sun intensity in the south causes AC costs to be expensive

The transfer to the south has come with so much change.

Of course, most of the change has been glorious; however, after spending our entire lives in apartments inside the city, my friend and I are finally on a piece of property that is all ours. And that city was way up north so my friend and I dealt with plenty of radiant heating from big boilers in our apartment buildings… My husband and I both undoubtedly long for space plus our own residential heating and A/C, but both of us worked in the commercial heating and A/C of downtown office buildings for the last fifteen years. But all of that time, my friend and I were saving our currency. My pal and I were also keeping an eye on task possibilities for the both of us in the south. Ultimately, our work became more about toiling remotely so it didn’t undoubtedly matter where my friend and I lived. And that has when my friend and I jumped on the piece of property down south in a rural area. But there have been so many things to learn when it comes to living in the south plus dealing with this temperature. My pal and I got an education when it came to direct daylight heating as soon as my friend and I moved into our home. My pal and I thought that my friend and I would do without window treatments since my friend and I didn’t have any neighbors plus like the view. But I found out undoubtedly hastily that direct daylight heating will cause your a/c costs to go through the roof; and thankfully, I have a smart thermostat that is able to sync with the mechanical blinds my friend and I installed… However now, the smart thermostat can deploy the solar blinds to stop direct daylight heating in any section of the house.
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