The thermostat eluded my understanding

Even admitting that I have trouble operating my new thermostat makes me feel extremely embarrassed.

I purchased a smart thermostat because everyone raved about it, but I must admit that I have had trouble figuring out how to make it function properly.

There are just so many buttons and choices! I don’t understand why this new technology is supposed to be simpler but in a way, I feel like it makes everything more complicated. It can simply be a little overwhelming at times. It’s also much more complicated than my dial thermostat. Personally, I believe that the old dial thermostat was preferable because it served its intended purpose of acting as a thermostat, which is all I really need. I don’t even need my thermostat to be intelligent, all I need is for it to act like a thermostat. When my granddaughter gave it to me as a gift, I installed the smart thermostat because she had told me it represented the cutting edge in heating and cooling technology. Prior to actually using it, that sounded nice and all. She assisted me in setting it up, and as she did so, I became aware of how straightforward it actually was. I’m not sure how she managed it, but she handled the setup procedure like it was nothing. She assisted me in getting my old dial thermostat back after I told her I couldn’t figure it out even after it had been installed. She came to my aid, which saved me from paying an unnecessary heating and cooling technician to complete the task.

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