There were heating and cooling workers on top of the roof yesterday

There were heating and cooling workers on the roof at work yesterday. I had gone outside after my shift; at first, I did not see them. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. When I first saw them up there, it startled me. I’m not used to seeing people scrambling around up on top of the roof. The building is pretty tall, and so they looked like little tiny men up there wandering around among the crucial commercial heating and cooling systems. Then I looked around in the parking lot and I observed the heating and cooling repair trucks parked down there. That’s when it all started to make sense. We had been having some issues with the heating and cooling plan inside of the building for the past few days. I was happy to see someone from building repair had finally called a professional heating and cooling company to come and look at it. Sometimes, it seems like they put things off until they have to call someone. Over the summer, that was the case with the air conditioning unit. In the midst of a heat wave, everyone in our building was sweltering. Management didn’t seem to care, though! They weren’t acting quickly; they weren’t responding to our concerns. All of us, as coworkers, finally had to band together and bring our complaints to the building management before they finally called someone to come and repair the central air conditioning. At least now they are trying to solve the problem.
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