They offered better service than our local HVAC company.

When our local HVAC company couldn’t find the time to come to the house and service my air conditioning unit, I thought it was time to call the new HVAC company in our area.

I called three times before someone answered the phone.

They apologized for not answering, but she had been getting phone calls all morning, and couldn’t keep up with them. She took my name and phone number, and said she would have someone call me back, because she was just the receptionist. It was a Saturday morning, and I was sure I had called early enough, but they were already busy. An hour later, the dispatcher of the new HVAC company called me back. He asked if there was a problem or if I just needed an inspection. Once I told him I just needed my air conditioning unit serviced, he took down the pertinent information and gave a date and time. After the inspection was done, I felt like I had just breathed a breath of fresh air. The HVAC technician was late, but my appointment was in the afternoon. He did an excellent job with the air conditioning unit, and even talked to me about purchasing a service agreement from them. They offered better service than our local HVAC company, and they were much friendlier. I think our old HVAC company is finally going to have some real competition. Later that week, I was talking to my neighbor and best friend. They had also had some work done by the new HVAC company. We all agreed we were going to continue using the new company and purchasing their maintenance agreements.

a/c professional