They were just really interested in what the HVAC expert was doing

A while back Brian had the HVAC expert here to work on the heating system for him.

  • The HVAC expert couldn’t get anything done down in the basement because of his five year old son.

He was actually interested in what the HVAC expert was doing down there in the heating system room and he kept on bugging her. Brian thought that it was going to annoy the HVAC expert, but she thought it was adorable that the child wanted to help her out with the heating system. Brian checked in on them many times and he heard her telling his son all about heating units and about how crucial air quality is in your home. Brian knows most people imagine that HVAC experts and people who toil in the trades are mean and grumpy all the time, but that’s just not true. In his opinion, and in his experience, the folks who come over to service and repair appliances and things around the place at his house are always nice and kind. They are even patient and helpful with Brian’s son who is a pro at trying your patience, that’s for sure. Anyway, Brian thought it was funny that his son kept trying to get the HVAC expert to play games with him but it was nice how she wasn’t mean or grumpy to him at all. Now that his heating system is fixed, Brian called the HVAC corporation to provide a glowing recommendation. He actually liked that lady.


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