Things are heating up outside today

It was really cold this morning but now it is starting to warm up nicely out there and I think we will be good to go today for our workout on the beach.

We want to be ready for summer and volleyball, so these workouts are really important to help us stay in shape.

I am also trying to make a bunch of new songs with my band so we have some ammunition for getting into all of these beach bars in the summer. We are going to hire this local contractor, who I met a few years ago while doing a big duct installation job for an HVAC system, and hopefully he can shoot our shows with a drone. He has some good videos he showed me that he made from the drone and we want to get some of us playing in front of big crowds on the streets so we can show the clubs that we can draw a big crowd for them too. I think most of the bars have heating and a/c, and I think most of them will pay $300 for a good two hour show. We can also make another $100 in tips playing, and if we do this five times a week we can make some decent money and get that RV that we have been wanting for so long. We want to play in local businesses in other countries and in ski resorts during the winter, as long as they have good central heating or a good fireplace to keep us warm.


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