Things my mom would do to improve our home’s air quality

As a young kid, I did not realize just how hard my parents worked to secure our comfort.

They were both business folks, but for some reason, they always found time to fix the minor issues around the house.

One of the most notable things was how our home always seemed to have fresh air regardless of the season. It was only in my adulthood that I came to appreciate the hard work that went into this. At first, I thought that all I needed was to install a furnace and a good AC. How wrong I was. No matter how much I tried to finetune the thermostat, my house just never felt as fresh and good as my parent’s house did. After a few failed attempts, I decided to ask my mom what her secret was. Surprisingly, all it took was a few standard things that I took for granted. She explained that you have to treat your HVAC system like any other project for it to serve you well. Ensure you invest in the proper maintenance and always have the right system installed. Once your HVAC business experts have recommended a good AC, confirm with the HVAC professional that it will be handling its occasion finetunes before having the same HVAC technicians install it professionally. Once done, set a few rules such as not smoking inside the house as this may lead to contamination of the air. Prioritize ventilation. Open doors and windows if you can, or use kitchen and bathroom fans whenever possible. On the same note, always clean your floors and walls to minimize dirt and dust that eventually find their way to your HVAC system, causing air restriction and affecting the air that is blown inside. Also, work on the humidity levels.

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