Train has comfortable temperature control

For the holiday season, I needed to travel to visit family, and I chose to go by train to try something new.

I arrived at the station a little over an hour in advance so I would be prepared and made sure to get my ticket and luggage located.

Everything ran smoothly, which I was grateful for, although I had expected as much. I was leaving from a honestly small station and there were only a couple other people there aside from myself. There wasn’t the hassle or wait friendd with greater businesses. While I waited for the train to arrive I waited inside the station for their boiler. The chill in the air outside wasn’t too bad however the comfortable heat blowing from the station’s vents was so much better than waiting outside. When the train arrived I had to leave the station and it’s heating system to wait out in the cold, however my friend and I were loaded onto the train in a matter of minutes. The inside air felt absolutely elegant. The temperature control in the cart was just right, offering enough heating to be toasty separate from going over the top to turn it into an oven. The gentle warmth was a fantastic comfort, especially since I had a 13 hour trip on the train. If the heating hadn’t been so fantastic it could have lead to a honestly uncomfortable experience on my first train ride. While I did get a little restless in my seat over time, the trip was absolutely cool. I had a window seat and could watch the landscape go by whenever I wasn’t napping. I’m looking forward to taking the train back home.

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