Upgrading to central air

When we first moved into our home, it was not equipped with central air conditioning.

Because we are located in the northeastern part of the country, a whole-home cooling system isn’t truly necessary.

Our weather tends to be cold, windy and wet. It often snows from October until April. We might need to run the furnace for eight straight months. There are those years when it rains all summer long. However, there are also especially hot and humid summers. The house becomes overheated and sticky, making it impossible to relax, sleep or be productive. We tried getting by with window air conditioners and a combination of box fans. I didn’t like having all sorts of equipment detracting from aesthetics. The window air conditioners block the view and look horrible. The cords from the box fans are a nuisance. I hated storing all of the different units in the attic in the winter and then carrying them down in the spring. I finally got an estimate for central air conditioning. With the duct system already in place, the cost wasn’t unreasonable. By spending a bit more for a higher SEER rating, I chose an air conditioner that is wonderfully energy efficient and keeps running costs low. I’ve found that we tend to run the cooling system even when the outside temperature is mild. We sometimes use just the fan to circulate and filter the air. The air conditioner allows us to keep windows closed against pollutants such as exhaust fumes, pollen, buts and dust. The house stays cleaner, smells fresher and is far more comfortable.

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