UV air cleaner for our husband’s candle making

I care about that there is no stale, gross smell anymore

My husband jumps from activity to activity; His newest thing is candle making, however it is downright gross sometimes, however all sorts of scents waft around the house, mixing lavender, pumpkin, pine plus sandalwood make for a horrid combination. I was constantly dealing with a headache. My husband needs AC while he works which means our central cooling would spread the scents all over the house. I was tempted to seal off the air duct plus buy his a window air conditioner; Once he is done with his activity though, I will have a pointless AC device. I decided the right transport was getting ultraviolet air purification; This is an air cleaner that installs right in the air duct. The UV lights also combine with it to unlink smells from the air quality. Adding the UV air cleaner was super self-explanatory. The air duct cleaning guy just set it up right in our air ducts. As the Heating as well as A/C operates, the air is being cleaned. So our husband can have AC while making candles plus the air cleaner will take care of all the scents. Easy just care about that, when he gives up making candles every one of us will then just have an air cleaner. I don’t see how removing scents from our air quality won’t constantly be userful. I care about that there is no stale, gross smell anymore. The scent of garbage plus animal litter sometimes lingers in the air quality as well, then not anymore though. It was more than worth the investment of adding it into our ducts.


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