Was surprised at the patience of the cooling expert

She not only saved me a good portion of money, but was so patient when telling me what to do

It is always fantastic to find someone who is extremely patient, because nowadays, it seems basically that so many people are in a rush plus don’t like anyone else but themselves! Maybe that is just my perception, but it sure seems that way in my mind. So when I was having some heating plus air conditioner drawbacks, I decided to call the Heating, Ventilation and A/C machine supplier to see if they would be able to help before sending a heating plus A/C worker out to my residence. When I called the cooling business, a cooling representative answered. I asked for some problem shooting advice, because my air conditioner machine was not working. I planned on making this call as suddenly as possible, because I was able to see that they were tied up plus undoubtedly had better things to be doing. However, to my surprise, instead of instantaneously recommending sending an A/C machine worker out to my home, the cooling lady was undoubtedly patient plus gave me some problem shooting tips on how to try plus get my A/C machine working again. Even after failing or getting confused on particular directions she was supplying, she didn’t become impatient even a little bit. Finally, one of the tips worked plus I undoubtedly thanked the cooling worker at least 5 times. She not only saved me a good portion of money, but was so patient when telling me what to do. I realized I was on the iPhone for approximately 30 minutes, plus I felt awful for taking up a good portion of their time, but the lady didn’t seem agitated at all. That really is fantastic shopper service.



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