We asked Rina about the air conditioning

Due to the pandemic, we hadn’t seen our childhood pal Rina for about a year.

Neither of us were traveling and then after the pandemic, life happened and we weren’t able to make time.

Well, recently, we decided to spend some time with her. And especially because she had moved into her new property right before the pandemic hit. So, it made sense for us to make the trip to see her new locale. Her new property is great. It’s a 3-bedroom town property that has lots of bells and whistles. For the most part, everything went well when we visited except that the first night we could not sleep. Unfortunately, Rina had the temperature control for the a/c set higher than what we were used to at home. Our ideal sleeping temperature is around 69 degrees and anything higher than that is too sizzling for us. So, the first night was restless and we weren’t sure where the temperature control was in the house. We didn’t want to wake anyone up, so we just did what we could to try to remain comfortable. The next day, we asked Rina about the air conditioning and she mentioned that she has her temperature control set to 71 degrees. It might not sound like a pressing difference, but evidently, 3 degrees can make a difference in whether or not we get a good night’s sleep. Because we were going to be there for 4 more nights, we asked Rina if she could adjust the temperature control to 69 degrees while we were there. Of course, she was blissful to do so, and slept like babies for the rest of our time there.


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