We cannot always be self sufficient

Ever since my new HVAC unit was installed about 5 years ago, I hardly have HVAC experts in my house.

  • I guess this can be attributed to the fact that I am a self-sufficient proponent who believes in handling most things on their own.

Unfortunately, this has worked against me on several occasions. No matter how much I research and read about a particular subject, I have come to appreciate that everyone has their area of expertise. I have taught myself to handle most of the HVAC maintenance practices so I thought it was a good idea to save the cash. Being an introvert who loves his space does not help matters. It took a major breakdown of the AC for me to appreciate the need to partner with HVAC professionals every once in a while. So I came home after a long day at work and all I wanted was to relax indoors. Opening the house, I was hit by a strong unpleasant breeze yet I was sure that the AC was on. Concerned, I rushed to check what could be wrong and that is when I noticed that nothing was happening. My thermostat was in good shape but the AC simply could come on. I tried to change the fuse, and even started it from the main switch but nothing worked. Panicking, I called the HVAC technician and asked if they could come urgently. There was no way I would stay inside my house without a fully working AC. It gets unbearably hot at night. It turns out that the unit had very low refrigerant levels. The HVAC expert suspected a leak that needed fixing.He promised to come the next day to have it fixed. I had to spend a few hours of the night at a hotel and missed work the next day as I had to be present for the HVAC tech to work.



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