When the new heating and A/C company arrived, our spouse wanted to switch.

As soon as there was the hint of a new heating and A/C company in our area, our spouse was ready to change allegiance and go to the other heating and A/C company.

My really nice friend and I had been with them ever since my associate and I moved into this area, and that was nearly twenty years ago.

I could not recognize she would jump ship and just switch to another heating and A/C company without knowing what kind of work they do. She promised to do some research on the heating and A/C company, and she had already set up a free heating and A/C inspection. What a company did at first may not be what they do once they get you into their net, however companies start out generous and offer a lot of benefits, however once you are pulled in, you see their true colors. My spouse said it wasn’t like that, and I had the wrong wording. What the phrase was when a manager first gets hired, they need to be tough at first and then lighten up once they get used to the people. Once the heating and A/C specialist arrived to repair the heating and A/C system, she was a bit too friendly. She confessed they were trying to get a shopper base and hoped that some people they were servicing would switch to their company. She asked if I would like to be the first woman to switch heating and A/C companies. I told him I didn’t like to make quick decisions and I would need to think about it. My spouse asked myself and others what I thought about the new heating and A/C company. I didn’t really want to judge them by one visit, however it did sound weird for him to ask us to switch heating and A/C companies.


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