When to Remove Window Air Conditioners

Fall is just around the corner.

My friend and I are already enjoying a nice cool breeze.

The uneven temperatures have dropped by over ten degrees on average plus it’s already almost frigid in the afternoon. I didn’t expect cool breezes this early in the year. Technically, it’s still summertime plus I live in the deep south; But, I look forward to when I can unconnect the air conditioners from the windows. My friend and I like to keep our windows open for fresh air as much as my associate and I possibly can. My friend and I live in a rental house that does not supply a/c. Before it gets too boiling in summertime, my associate and I install the little air conditioners into the windows. My friend and I unconnect them again when the weather starts to cool in the fall. I absolutely savor Spring plus fall plus the cool breezes these seasons bring. I was disappointed earlier this year. My friend and I legitimately had no Spring, then one afternoon, my associate and I were running the heaters. The next afternoon, my associate and I needed the air conditioners. My friend and I didn’t have two or three months of mild weather plus flower scented breezes I am accustomed too, then perhaps that is why fall is coming a little earlier this year, because summer time came early. I’m hoping to unconnect the air conditioners earlier than I usually do plus cherish the cool breezes longer before the boiler gets turned on, however although I live in the deep south, it still gets pretty frigid in winter time here, plus I legitimately don’t like the frigid any more than I like the heat. But, the comfortable uneven temperatures plus cool breezes of Spring plus fall make the wickedly boiling summers plus often frigid winters more bearable.


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