Who said we had to have air conditioning?

Living on top of a mountain gives us a steady breeze almost all year round. We have hot days during the summer, but they aren’t so bad unless you have the air conditioning running 24/7. We have had nothing but window air conditioners for many years. If the air conditioning is running, it is mostly at night. My husband has a difficult breathing when he is laying down. The air conditioning helps him to relax and breathe better. The rest of the time, we may have the air conditioner on in the living room, and it cools our entire house. That is quite a feat when you realize we have four bedrooms in the house, and as long as the doors are open, everyone is comfortable. Last year, our window air conditioning unit broke. We didn’t have the money to buy a new one, and we went for almost a month without the air conditioning unit. Since my husband and I worked outside most of the day, by the time we got home, it was cooler in the house than what it was outside. We kept our window curtains shut, which blocked the solar heating of the sun. We found we could live comfortably until it came time for bed. Our smaller window air conditioner kept us quite cool. Our daughter complained it was too hot in the house for us and we had to have air conditioning, but we didn’t think so. I asked her who said we had to have air conditioning? She backed off and said we had to live there, and not her.


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