Window cooling machine wasn’t very efficient

My dad’s window cooling machine was not a very efficient machine.

I didn’t stay over with him very often, but when I did, I couldn’t help but notice how bad the air conditioner actually was.

I was surprised to be honest, all of my life I had the pleasure of experiencing central heating and cooling, and central HVAC has never failed me. But this here window HVAC, it was doing a terrible job. I didn’t say anything for a long time, because I knew my dad just didn’t have the money for a newer machine, but when I came into his home last Friday, I knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore. When I came into his home, I stepped directly into a gross puddle. It even made a gross squishy noise under my toes. I knew that heaters and air conditioners could leak, but this was ridiculous. It was even leaving a trail down my father’s wall. I had to ask my dad about it, and as I had figured, he wasn’t exactly in love with the machine either, but he couldn’t afford a new one. That is when I made a mental plan to get him a new cooling machine. After that day, I started looking on every website that I knew of that could possibly have HVAC equipment for sale. It didn’t take me very long to find some good deals, I was actually surprised at how many available heating and air conditioning systems I found. I guess they were more popular than I had thought. I found a slightly used one and decided to buy it, although it was not brand new, it was better than what my dad currently had.


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