Woman insists she called a different shop

You never know what you are going to get when you are interacting with the general public, sporadically people genuinely surprise me with how pleasant and kind they can be, but other times, I am entirely blown away by how awful, rude, and dismissive humans can be, however unblessedly, in my line of work I interact with a lot of humans.

This means that I have a pretty even mix of superb and exhausting experiences with the citizens of my city.

When I went into the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry I never genuinely anticipated how much human contact I would have. I learned all about servicing indoor air handling devices at my local trade school and I consider myself a pro at issueshooting air conditioners and heaters. However, I am not so superb at issueshooting angry clients when they get uppity about their central heating and cooling systems. Recently, this was the case when I was called out to a local home for a routine air conditioner service appointment. I battled traffic the entire way there and I was sweltering sizzling by the time I arrived. When I arrived in the driveway I saw somebody staring at me from the window and abruptly ran up to the front door to get a jump on in the heating and cooling repair. When I knocked on the door, the resident refused to open her house. I could not get inside to complete the central heating and cooling inspection or to service her supposedly broken air conditioner. As I drove away I earned a call from my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealership… The owner of the home called and insisted that I was a stranger trying to break in. She was wrongly convinced that she had called a different Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier.


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