Working with a few heating and cooling techs

So much for my bike ride down to the beach, now that the rain has started. It looks like two more hours of it before it stops, so I’ll just keep working online and getting my stuff done for the morning before I leave. Today is Tuesday, and I am sure some volleyball players on the beach are not happy about the rain, but my colleague and I desperately need rain, so this is a good thing in the end. I’ve been sick for nearly a week, and it appears to be coming to an end today. Heating and air conditioning system repairs are not something I will be doing until next week for a local supplier, and I am hoping to be back to normal by then so I can resume my life. I’ve been cooped up in the flat for the entire week, and it looks like it will be another morning before I can get outside and have some fun again. I have some heating repairs to do next week and will be working with a few of the Heating and A/C workers, so I need to rest up so that I have the energy to do the work without exhausting myself. I’m just relieved that the awful sore throat is gone because it’s no fun trying to work or sleep when you feel like you’re swallowing aluminum foil! The Heating and Air Conditioning dealership will be closed the week after next for inventory and to receive some new cooling systems, so I will be off as well.

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