Writing about air purifiers as a career

I have created a career from my enjoyment of writing; I started by only writing on supplier blogs for small pay.

I then successfully grew my company to create air purification manuals for loft and home service businesses.

I did that for about multiple years until recently… Now I have a blog where I write anything concerning whole-loft air purification in the country. My introductory article was about the different heating and air conditioning units in the market that promote air quality. I recently wrote an article that gained a lot of traction from my readers, existing and new ones. The article was about maintaining indoor air quality in your home! Before writing it, I needed to do my own research, and the best way was to ask the industry experts, the heating and air conditioning professionals that dealt with these heating and air conditioning units weekly. The heating and air conditioning servicemen were glad to provide the air purification help I needed. Having worked with such a company before, I discovered some insightful points that would help me maintain my smart heating and air conditioning. I learned the seriously self-explanatory process of removing dirty air filters and installing new ones to maintain the ongoing quality of indoor comfort. In my own written article, I also mentioned the various services the different companies offer and where to get the complete affordable package. I also listed some processes a buyer cannot do independently, such as duct cleaning, which requires specialty tools and also skills. The comment section was filled with questions about where to get an air purification idea for maintaining indoor comfort. I had so much fun writing this article because it did not only benefit the readers, but I also took a few points about maintaining my whole unit.


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