A apartment pottery studio

About a year-and-a-half ago I started extreme therapy for depression plus anxiety.

My therapist wanted me to get involved in new hobbies plus to find therapeutic ways to release my tension, then one of my number one things I enjoy is to create things with my hands.

She suggested that I start trying some Ceramics plus pottery, as a new way to modest to my mental health. I was seriously excited by the idea plus quickly joined a Pottery Studio. Within a few months, but, I could not continue to afford the off-site studio. I decided to build my own pottery. It turns out that it’s not a truly expensive hobby… Except for the Heating & A/C requirements. Little did I know, in order to respectfully work with Clay you need truly particular air temperature plus air quality settings! Depending on the type of clay that you want to work with, you need to dial the indoor air temperature plus quality to some particular parameters. If you don’t have the ideal temperature plus humidity levels, your clay runs the risk of drying out excessively. If the humidity is too high, it also could refuse to dry, plus you will be left with a pile of mud on your table. thanks to these particular air temperature requirements, I had to upgrade my central heating plus cooling system to complete the Pottery Studio. I installed new Zone controls Heating plus Cooling plus an advanced dehumidifier which is affixed into the central Heating & A/C controls. I also put in a smart thermostat so I can control the air quality from anywhere. It’s been many weeks of construction, but now that I have Advanced Air Temperature Control handling devices in venue, I can finally start handling my clay.


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