Pregnant and HVAC reliant

I swear to God I will murder my husband one day. He did this to me and I will never forgive him for how uncomfortable I am. Yes, I’m miserable and pregnant in the middle of summer. If we had been able to plan for this, the timing certainly would have been different. However, we wound up with a surprise a few months ago. I wasn’t expecting to be blown up like a beach ball all summer long. I wasn’t expecting to be insanely hot and sweaty all the time. I wasn’t expecting to be puffy and to resent the muggy weather as much as I do. I also wasn’t expecting that our air conditioning unit would be on its way out while I needed it the most. For the past several months I’ve basically been stranded in the house, unable to leave the comfort of our air conditioning system. If I step outside my body immediately is overheated. I’ve been stuck inside the house, right in front of our air vents since the air temperature climbed above 95 degrees. Unfortunately, in 3 months it hasn’t decreased in temperature or humidity. I’ve been camped out in front of the air vents, with one finger on the smart thermostat control the entire time. The problem is, our AC unit is currently quitting on us. I keep having the HVAC technician come in fiddle with our AC, but to the system simply needs to be replaced. As much as I would love to install a brand new cooling system right now, we have a lot of other expenses. I think our HVAC reboot is going to have to wait until next summer. Until then, I wait and pray for the day that I pop.



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