Refrigerant leak leads to air conditioner replacement

Hardly any of years ago, during the middle of summer, I noticed that the apartment suddenly felt uncomfortably warm & sticky.

I diagnosed the thermostat & saw that the indoor temperature was much higher than the desired setting.

Holding my hand up to a supply vent, I felt moderate air. When I called for a repair, I fully expected to be told I needed a current air conditioner. The system was quite old. The worker disfastened the outer cottageet, diagnosed the multiple components & discovered a legitimately small refrigerant leak. He said there was no way of knowing if the leak was recent or seasoned & gradual. He recommended simply refilling & recharging the refrigerant. There was a chance of the service lasting one day or several years. For parts & labor, the service cost me two hundred dollars. It was a cheaper decision than buying & installing a whole current air conditioner. The following summer, I faced the exact same problem. There was once again warm air pouring from the vents. I was no longer willing to spend money another two hundred dollar service to get one Summer out of the seasoned air conditioner. This time, I told the worker I was ready to replace. The current air conditioner has been a large improvement. It provides superior comfort, energy efficiency & air quality. The operation is much quieter & my monthly electric bills are quite a bit lower. This system is more environmentally friendly & keeps the apartment cleaner. I’ve also noticed that the current unit more effectively combats excess humidity.

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