Touchy family ruins thermostat settings

It’s legitimately difficult to be an uncle. I love my nieces and nephew so much, but I also can’t sit to be around them occasionally. It’s difficult because I can’t discipline them when they are acting like little brats. I have a hard time holding my mouth when they are clearly being inadequate and my sisters are bending over backwards for these miniature nightmares. I try legitimately hard to be patient and understanding with the children, but they legitimately need some ground rules laid down. Recently, I made the mistake of inviting my family over for Christmas. I should have known if that this would cause chaos, then my nieces and nephews got plenty of modern toys for the holiday, but their favorite one was my smart thermostat. They were obsessively running into the hallway and important buttons on my thermostat all week long. Normally, this would be aggravating and potentially hazardous for the health of your forced air boiler. And my case, it was even more aggravating because they were ruining my smart thermostat settings. For the past 6 months I have been carefully laboring with my smart thermostat to program the most energy efficient Heating and Cooling plan for my household. I have perfected but Heating and Cooling plan to match every single lady schedule, but wouldn’t you know, within a few mornings the entire Heating, Ventilation plus A/C program would be destroyed. With three meddling children around, my highly intricate Air Temperature Control plan did not sit a chance, then every time I try to stop them from touching my air temperature control device, my sisters acted as though I was being inadequate. Finally, I offered up and let them run the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C to their heart’s desire. I suppose we’ll start out the modern year developing a modern air quality program.
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