Twenty-four Hours with no A/C

It’s nearing the end of summer.

We were recently visited by a tropical storm.

It surprised us, because this little rural southern town rarely gets bad weather. This town is also not prepared for bad weather. The electric company has few employees., and we don’t even have a local road crew to remove debris. Luckily, I was rather well prepared when our power went out. I had stocked up on candles, flashlights, batteries, canned food, water and ice. What I couldn’t do anything about was the discomfort from the unbearable humidity. I don’t like being hot as it is, and my air conditioner is my best friend. The temperatures weren’t really bad, in the low eighties, but, one hundred percent humidity is unbearable to me. It could be seventy degrees outside, but, if it’s really humid, I will run my air conditioning. I’m a very active person, always cooking and cleaning, and high humidity keeps perspiration from evaporating off of skin. I will get overheated in seventy degrees if the humidity is too high. I live in a rental house that does not have central air conditioning. We depend on window air conditioners to keep cool in summer months. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a window air conditioner that also has a dehumidifier. When I buy my own home, I will definitely have a dehumidifier installed on my HVAC unit. Fortunately, the power was back on the next day, and the humming of my air conditioner was a blessing I was anxious to hear.

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