You think the South is cold

I love living in this region of the country.

  • The terrain is so much more diverse and beautiful than the region I came from.

There are Rolling Hills and beautiful green trees everywhere you look. There are even some mountains and awesome hiking areas, which I try to take advantage of. The other thing that I really enjoy is the weather. During the summer, it can be a major struggle to contend with the heat and humidity for 6 months straight. It gets old pretty quickly, and you spend a lot of time in the air conditioning as the summer winds up. However, the real treat is when winter settles in. That’s because we don’t get a real winter, as far as I’m concerned. When I lived in the north section of the country, we experienced an extreme winter every single year. The extreme temperature and weather conditions were the bane of my existence for 20 years. It lasted for 6 to 8 months, and controlled every aspect of your life. The cold air would easily get down to -20 degrees at times, and it was impossible to keep the chilly air out of your house. I was always wrapped in blankets and sitting in front of space heaters. It was always snowing and dumping ice onto the roads, making the whole experience even more miserable. The winter is dragged from October to April, and there is no respite from the cold except for operating your expensive Central furnace. When people complain about the weather in the South, I just laugh and remind myself how blessed I am to wear sweatshirts all winter long.



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